There is no doubt when we say that parents are the only people in the whole world who love their child or children selflessly. A child would just need to look over their shoulder and they will always find their parents standing and shadowing them from harm that may come their way.

Now, many would think that anxiety in kids is not a real thing. But it is not so. These days, where the world is ever so connected and the kids are ever so exposed to the world beyond the boundaries of their schools and homes, and considering all the meaningless chaos that is overtaking the social media, anxiety among kids is literally a major issue. We used to spend our times playing physical sports, getting physically hurt, getting into fights with friends over getting out of the game and being friends again, giving a literal platform to express our anxiety and be at peace. Today, where the kids are more exposed to lit screens most of the times, anxiety gradually develops into a heap. Many times even the well meaning parents make mistakes while teaching their kid(s) to manage anxiety.
we’re going to share some of the tips that would really help you to understand your kids’ anxieties better, in order to find better solutions, benefitting your kids, and ultimately you.

  1. Treat anxieties as occasional fevers; you can’t eliminate them, but you can teach your kid(s) how to keep care.
    Think of it in this way: whenever we get a fever, we take certain measures in order to tackle the fever. When we find some measures which help us get better, we remember them as tips for whenever in the future the same fever may arrive. So, we not only try to heal the fever, but we also figure out the measures that help us next time. So, try to teach your kids to try to manage their anxieties, by not just trying to eliminate them, but also learning from the anxiety.
  2. Too much pampering may make them weak and dependant; you must focus on making your child ready to face critical situations.
    One big mistake that modern-day parents make is that they pamper and care for their kid(s) way too much; to a degree where their care is making their kid(s) weaker contrary to make them stronger or feel cared for. Think of it this way, if a bird won’t let their babies learn to fly, they won’t be able to survive. They simply won’t be able to handle even a little pressure. Teaching them to handle and manage pressure will certainly help them beat anxiety in every situation.

Ask questions directly; instead of leading them to feel trapped and lie.
Being straight-forward with your kids is the key to make them trust you to a degree that they themselves feel that you’ll help them instead of making them feel trapped and lonely. Sharing the same to other people only make us vulnerable to the wrong people whereas sharing what is inside our minds to the people who care for us makes us relaxed, helping us lowering our anxieties instantly. Parents must really do this with their kid(s).