Children are seen operating a smartphones all over the world. Undoubtedly they make children learn most efficiently. But every technological advance that provides such dramatic benefits has consequential costs too.

Parents generally introduced kids with the smartphone at a very early stage because they too lack time for their kids, and smartphones may be an easy way to distract children or keep them occupied. Firstly they attract kids, and eventually, they become an addiction. Excessive use and exposure to the phone can have harmful effects on the child.

Harmful effects of Smartphones on kids.

1. Bad Health

Kids are experiencing childhood in a radio-recurrence condition that never existed in humankind’s history. The radiation produced by cell phones can harm youngsters. Youngsters retain more than 60 percent of the radiation into the mind than grown-ups. Their cerebrum’s more thin skin, tissues, and bones enable them to assimilate the radiation twice than the adults. Their Developing nervous system makes them vulnerable to ‘carcinogen’.

2. Effect on Academics and Hobbies

Kids, much the same as adolescents, are dependent on cell phones. They mess around, visit and converse with their companions on their cell phone regularly. The impact of the cell phone on kids’ scholarly can be truly discernible. Youngsters lessen the time spent on schoolwork. Test results get endured because of poor planning or exhaustion from utilizing their cell phones well into the night. They might even no longer love to pursue their hobbies.

3. Aggressive Behaviour

As cell phones are keeping the brain occupied with no rest, kids will, in general, be additionally irritating. They will, in general, become increasingly brutal and disturbed even at the typical dialogs. Thus, this hampers their public activity. The most pessimistic scenario is that youngsters quit speaking with the family all together. Youngsters can want to check for messages continually. They become crabby when they avoid their cell phone for any timeframe.

What Steps can Parents take to reduce the risk

  • Children below two years of age should not be using screens or electronic devices.
  • Play alongside your children and interact with them face-to-face.
  • Make sure smartphones don’t interfere with opportunities for play and socializing.
  • Limit screen use to one or two hours a day. This includes smartphones, TV, computers, etc.
  • It is all right to use a smartphone as an occasional treat.
  • Model positive smartphone use.
  • Encourage family meals and communication.
  • Look for quality apps that promote building vocabulary, mathematical, literacy, and science concepts.
  • Keep smartphones out of the bedrooms.